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At the IUT :
Télécharger le fichierBryan Wagstaff
(Parcours TC),
Télécharger le fichierOdile Lochi
(Parcours CJ),
Télécharger le fichierSylvia Canonne (Parcours STID).
In the International Relations Office :
Télécharger le fichierMathilde Modaine (Student Advisor)


Exchange Students

The IUT in Roubaix, with its career-oriented programs in Business Studies, Law and Business Intelligence, wishes to host many international exchange students. Roubaix is at the heart of the Lille Metropolitan Area (with 1,200,000, and more than 100,000 students), and you will find plenty of culture, sports, and other activities for your free time. Lille is one hour from Paris by TGV, 35 minutes from Brussels by TGV, and one hour 20 minutes from London by Eurostar.  Students from all countries, bienvenue chez les Ch’ti!

Apply and plan your stay:

The application

Choosing your classes

Preparing for your arrival

Once you get here

Our commitment to non-discrimination:

The ILIS commits to ensuring that there will be no discrimination against international students.